Rellik Faros

The Assassin


A Drow orphan who grew up in the slums of Alexandretta and learned the arts of assassination and shadow magic. He kills for the sake of his blind sister, Mei.


Rellik grew up in the slums of Alexandretta with his siter, Mei. Orphans for as long as they could remember, neither knew how they had come to be in Alexendretta, but they did their best to survive.

Although Alexandretta was somewhat diverse for a human city, there was still a general stigma in the population in regard to Drow, so when Rellik was 13, and deemed able to fend for himself, he was expelled from the city orphanage. Although Mei still had a few years before they could legally expel her, she refused to be without her brother. No one tried to stop her when she followed him.

Rellik did his best to support his sister. Although finding permanent work was difficult, due to the people’s stigma, there was always someone with an odd job that needed doing. Rellik would perform any task, provided it payed enough to give his sister atleast one good meal. Many of the jobs that Rellik took were from people who could most kindly be described as “shady,” however their coin was as good as anyone elses. Rellik was a natural at sneaking around, and soon became the go-to delivery boy for the towns criminal population.

One day, he was approached by the infamous Malik, a town official and the de facto King of the Slums, accompanied by a single servant. Malik wanted Rellik to kill a man. He wouldn’t say why he wanted the man dead. Rellik’s first instinct was to refuse. After all, delivering packages for criminals was one thing. On the very off chance that he was caught with a package of questionable legal standing, he could simply tell the city guard that someone had asked him to deliver it. But murder? If he was caught, he’d be lucky to get life in the city dungeons. Who would look after Mei?

However, Malik promised him that he’d pay enough to keep both himself and his sister fed for a month. That sealed the deal. They were barely scraping by on what little gold Rellik was receiving making deliveries, and they had just been served with an eviction notice from their landlord for not being able to make the rent. He had no choice but to accept Malik’s offer.

That night, Rellik journeyed to the man’s residence. His target’s home was well guarded, yet Rellik was able to easily slip in undetected. Rellik found the man sleeping soundly in his bed. Rellik plunged his dagger into the sleeping man’s throat, leaving him unable to scream. He found it strange that he didn’t feel any remourse as he watched the man bleed out, even as he stared him dead in the eye.

When Rellik returned the next day with a lock of the man’s hair as proof of his kill, Malik was most surprised. He admitted to Rellik that he never thought the boy would actually accomplish his task, and fully expected him to have been cought by the his target’s guard. It seemed that the assassination attempt was meant to be nothing more than a warning. Impressed by the boy’s talent, Malik took him and his sister in. He gave him a small house in the slums for himself and Mei, and had Rellik formally trained in the ways of assassination, and before long, the young Drow had become Malik’s most valuable asset.

However, with time, Rellik’s skill began to worry Malik. He knew the boy served him not out of any loyalty, but simply because he payed him well. How long would it be before one of Malik’s enemies were to offer the young man enough coin to turn on his master? Malik decided it would be best to have the boy delt with before he could become any more of a threat. He sent his men to Rellik’s home with strict orders to end both Drow siblings.

The men approached in the dead of night, obviously hoping to take them as they slept. The ignorant fools didn’t know that Drow didn’t sleep. Rellik slaughtered them all with ease. Recognizing them as Malik’s men, it didn’t tak him long to piece together what had happened. After making sure that Mei was safe, Rellik made his way to Malik’s home. Although the man’s security was substantial, it wasn’t enough to protect him from his former Assassin.

Following Mallik’s demise, Rellik began selling out his skills to the highest bidder. Though he never made enough money to move his sister and himself out of the slums, he was at least able to keep them comfortable, dressed, and well fed.

Dmitri, having some doubts that the group of adventurers he hired would be able to retrieve the black lily, hired Rellik to follow them and ensure the flower’s return.

Rellik Faros

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