The Dream Exiles

Tower of the Black Lily Part 4

As Fynn works on the trap to the door that leads to the top of the tower, Ventirix decides to take this moment to say farewell to his companions and inform them that the previous night his god informed him to leave the tower at this time and greet a new adventurer that would be helping the group on its mission. He walks downstairs and moves away all of the barricades to find a dark elf standing just outside. He informs Ventirix that his name is Rellik Faros and that he was hired by Dmitri to ensure that the group of adventurers he had previously sent return to him with the item he requested. Ventirix informs the drow that his former companions are upstairs before he walks out of the tower. Rellik, after putting back the barricades, runs up the stairs to where the rest of the group is concentrating on a door that is obviously trapped.

After disabling the trap, the adventurers burst through the door to find a large room. It looks like this room was once a lab. In the distance are tables that contain different vials. The adventurers don’t notice this at first, but some of those vials contain a black powder in them. They also notice that much of the roof has collapsed in this room, creating difficult terrain filled with what seems as burnt rubble. They also find in this room a skeleton who has an aura of fire surrounding it, and two rotting zombies who are each missing a hand. The hands of these zombies are also crawling on the floor and moving towards the adventurers. A fight ensues, and the group easily take out the blazing skeleton’s minions. However, before they can advance to the main villain, a blast hits them, knocking out Peroth’Arn, and out from apparently nowhere, the specter that had gotten away appears before them.

Some of the adventurers rush towards the blazing skeleton while others concentrate on the specter. Peroth’Arn stands back up and begins unleashing his spells at the new threat. When the rest of the adventurers reach the skeleton, they begin wailing on the guy. Unfortunately, whoever is standing close takes damage from the aura of fire surrounding him, but Rellik is able to hit safely with a leaping strike. However, as Fynn Dodger begins reaching the fray, the skeleton shoots a blast of fire. It misses the halfling, but it hits the table next to him, and more specifically, one of the vials with black powder. It ignites the powder and a blast rocks the room, hitting Fynn and Zoey. The two take damage from this attack, but both are still up and ready to continue the fight.

As the battle progresses, the adventurers are able to whittle down the blazing skeleton until he is no more. When the specter sees the demise of this creature, it realizes that this is the time to make an escape. It goes invisible and begins to leave the fray, but Violet, angry that the apparition would dare make a reappearance, tries to intimidate the specter by challenging it and warning it that she will be the one to carry out its destruction. The threat almost works, but the specter responds by informing her that he will follow the adventurers to the farthest reaches of the world, and beyond if he must, but he will not rest until he finds the Asian girl and ensures that she dies a horrible, torturous death. He also informs the adventurers that the next time he appears, he will be bringing with him his friend, the pale reaver.

After the specter leave, the adventurers gather together and walk through a door that is to the back of the room. Once inside, they find a room with a bed and a desk. They inspect the desk and find that on top of it is a shiny key and two scrolls. Peroth’Arn is able to figure out that the scrolls contain teleportation spells that can only be activated in specific locations. Opening the drawers of the desk, the adventurers also find a blue gem in one and a bag containing 220 gold in another.

With the scrolls in hand, the adventurers go down to the basement of the tower again. When they reach this location, Kuzon reads the inscription on one of the walls that was written in an unkown language. He relates to the rest of the adventurers that what is written on this wall is, “The scroll will burn and the wheels will turn. The portal will open to reveal the king’s token.” Peroth’Arn stands on top of the small raised dais in the corner of the room and reads one of the scrolls as the rest of the group stand around him. As he reads the words on the parchment, he feels arcane energy begin to swirl around the paper, but as he reaches the last words, the energy dissipates and leaves. The tiefling then decides to read the other scroll, and this time the energies don’t fade, but the paper ignites in flames and the entire group sees a flash of white light before they find themselves in a different location.

When the adventurers reappear, they are in another room of the basement that looks like a forest. There are plants and trees everywhere, and they notice on the walls are carved images. Some of the images that they see include a man on a ship speaking to a larger being floating above the sea, a book surround by shadows, a group of people being destroyed by another group who are holding skulls, and a young girl with her eyes completely darkened standing before a large shadowy creature. Before this last image is a platform like the one that teleported them into the room. Next to the platform is a bow and in front of it is a black lily. Kuzon uses his skills in nature to carefully gather the plant, and Zoey picks up the bow before they all gather around the raised dais to read the second scroll. They disappear again, but this time they find that they reappear next to the walls of Alexandretta. This annoys some of them because they had brought a wagon to the tower, and they truly wished to retrieve it. Zoey immediately begins to seriously contemplate going back and retrieving it.


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