The Dream Exiles

Tower of the Black Lily Part 3

After checking the dinning room, the adventurers decide to check the room next to it. They notice that there are two doors. One of them is located inside the dinning room, and the other is located out in the hall. They decide to split up and open both of them. When they do, they reveal what seemed to have been a lounging room. There are tables, chairs and couches, and against one of the walls is a fireplace. They also find in the room a skeleton, a decrepit skeleton, a zombie, and a pale reaver. They take out the first four without much of a problem, however, the pale reaver, after hassling them for a while, disappears and runs away. This frustrates the adventurers because this is the second encounter in which one of their enemies ran away.

After taking on this room, they move on to another. They open another door in the hall to reveal another dinning chamber. However, unlike the first one, this one has four tables and a number of chairs. It is obvious that this was the room in which the acolytes ate at. Also, another feature that is unlike the other dinning room is the fact that this one is filled with undead. Another battle ensues, but this time they are up against four rotting zombies and two skeletal archers who shoot at them from the back of the room. They find this fight to be tricky because there is only one accessible way to these archers. The rest of the room is filled with chairs and tables, making the terrain difficult to bypass. They are able to win through though, but unfortunately not without Violet Shi being knocked down at least once.

The adventurers are now stressed and fed up with all of these undead creatures attacking them. They reluctantly open the last door in the hall. Their swords drawn and ready for a battle or at least a trap, they cautiously step into this room to find a kitchen with stoves and a fridge. They check every square inch before they realize that there is nothing in here. Instead of making the adventurers feel better, it only works to frustrate them more.

Now upset and looking for a fight, the adventurers go up another flight of stairs and enter the fourth floor to the tower. In here they see a vast library. Looking around, they find that this room has different locations that are spewing magic. When they check these locations, they find different items that can benefit them. First, they find two pairs of glasses. They soon realize that the first helps with finding arcanic information surrounding them. The second pair allow whoever wears them the ability to read any language. They immediately give the latter to their poor gnoll companion who otherwise is illiterate. He immediately uses the glasses to read for them the elven journal that they found in the first floor of the dungeon.

They find out that the journal was written by an elf named Immeral who was the son of a rich family in Alexandretta. The journal goes on to reveal that he was accepted to be a student of Drew, the wizard who was the keeper of the tower. The journal goes on to describe the training he had received, the friends he made, and a little bit about the wizard Drew. It seems as though during the conversations Immeral had with the senior wizard, the actual reason Drew is training new wizards is to find an eventual replacement for the tower. It seems as though Immeral was going to become the chosen disciple. The last entry in the book describes Drew’s excitement of going home the following week to see his parents, and after that the journal suddenly ends.

The adventurers also find in the library a number of scrolls and books that hold different rituals.

Once they have finished investigating the library, they decide to go up another level. However, they find their progress interrupted by a door at the top of the stairs. Inspecting it closely, they find that the door has a glowing sigil on it. They immediately realize that this is a trap that is set up to explode should they go through the door. Their rogue companion inspects it a bit further, and with the help of Peroth’Arn, he is able to disable the trap. However, as he is close to the door, he can feel a heat from the other side. The adventurers prepare themselves and unsheathe their weapons before going through.


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