The Dream Exiles

The Dream Begins

In Oshay’s Pub, an inn in the heart of Alexandretta, five adventurers, strangers to one-another, take a short rest from their individual quests. Kuzon contemplates his journey for greater strength, Peroth’Arn constantly looks behind his back for any imagined danger that may be lurking there, Zoey questions the bartender for any knowledge he may have of the jade skulls, Fynn Dodger enjoys a drink while contemplating his next big score, and Violet Shi sits quietly in a corner. Off to the side, a man dressed in the robes of Bahamat watches the patrons while enjoying a glass of wine.

After getting nothing from the bartender, Zoey sits down. Eventually, she and Violet are called over by the man in the robes of Bahamat. He introduces himself as Dmitri, and he informs them that he may have the answers they are seeking for. He then tells them that he will reveal this information if they help him defeating an evil four days to the east of the city. He tells them that he will also reward them and help them with any troubles that they may have. When this is mentioned, the group is joined by Fynn Dodger and Peroth’Arn.

Dmitri tells them that the evil is located in a tower that lies close to a small village. He informs them that the source of this perversion of nature is a small plant that the wizard of the tower was supposed to protect. This plant is to be brought back to him so that he may dispose of it properly. When this is mentioned, the group is joined by Kuzon who offers his expertise on nature.

After promising to take care of the adventurers’ tabs, he leaves. At this point, the group begin to get to know one-another. Immediately, it is obvious that some of them don’t really like each other. Violet Shi seems to especially hold animosity for her new companions. She quietly vows to separate herself from them as soon as the quest is finished.

The Dream Begins Part 2

The next day, Ventirix Pawelen, on orders of his god who visited him in a dream, reached the city of Alexandretta. He enters the office of Dmitri and informs the man in the robes of Bahamat that he was told by his god to help him on whatever errands the man needs accomplished. Dmitri informs Ventirix of the evil to the east of the city, and tells him to meet with the other adventurers and go with them.

When he meets with the others, they begin planning on their next actions. They decide to run different errands before meeting at the city’s entrance at noon. They go to different stores to buy different items while Peroth’Arn goes to the main library of Andalusia to do some research on the tower that they are headed to. After finding only a one-page pamphlet on the village that the tower is located in, he destroys government property.

After running their errands, the party meet up and begin their journey. On the second day of traveling, they are harassed by a group of kobolds. After almost getting their asses handed to them by D&D’s easiest creatures, they begin to learn how to work together. This works when they reach the small village by the tower and see that it is overrun by undead. They try to dodge and outrun the creatures, but are soon overtaken before they can reach the tower. A fight ensues, but now that they are more accustomed to each other in battle, they are able to overcome the encounter. Before the rest of the undead can reach them, they make it to the tower and bar the doors.

Tower of the Black Lily

After barring the doors, the adventurers take a look around the entrance hall to the tower. They see in the middle of the room a staircase leading up and behind it and towards the left is a door. They first use whatever wreckage they find in the room to set up two barricades. The first they place at the entrance of the stairs to keep from being attacked in the back. The second they place in front of the door in case there should be any enemies behind it. They then decided to open the door and found that it lead into a bedroom that had 6 skeletons and 2 zombies inside. They soon found out that four of these skeletons seemed brittle and weak, but the other two and the zombies were a bit tougher. However, now that they found out how to work with each other better, they were able to succeed through this encounter without incurring much damage.

Walking into the bedroom, they notice that on another of the walls was another door. They open the door to find a storage room filled with boxes. On the other side of this room was another door. They first went around and opened the boxes and rummaged through them. Violet Shi found some pictures of some of the acolytes that were in this tower and two diaries. One of these books was written in common, but the other was written in elvish, a tongue that no one in the group understood. In the meantime, the other adventurers find some gold in the other boxes, and Fynn Dodger was able to find a quarterstaff that looked and felt a bit odd. Upon closer inspection from Peroth’Arn and Ventirix, they find out that this object is actually an Aura Killer Quarterstaff +1. It seems like a valuable object, but since none of them usually use staffs, they decide to transfer its power into a dagger for Fynn when they return to the city.

After retrieving these objects from the boxes, they decide to try to open the other door. Finding it to be locked, Fynn Dodger tries to pick the lock and succeeds. Violet Shi decides to enter the room first, and as soon as she steps inside, four missile turrets decline from the ceiling and shoot her. Three arrows hit her in the chest and she falls to the floor unconscious. The rest of the adventurers rush into the room to her aid. They are able to heal her, and together they take out all of the turrets. After they succeed with this encounter, they look around the room and notice it to be completely empty except for a small staircase leading down towards the end of the room.

They warily go down this staircase and enter a dark room. Walking around it, they find that it is a small room, and at one of the corners is a small, round platform, and behind it are some words written on the wall. They try to read the words, but find that it is actually written in Primordial, another language that none of them know. They soon decide that they can not do much else in this room, so they all decide to head up the stairs in the tower’s entrance hall and go to the second floor.

Once they reach the second floor, they notice that on either side of them are walls. Each of these walls has one door on it. As they begin contemplating which door they are going to go through, a blast hits them. They soon find out that three specters have surrounded them. A difficult battle against these insubstantial foes ensue, and during it Peroth’Arn falls unconscious. Finally, after the adventurers manage to kill two, the third one vanishes and they soon find out that it decided to run away. Once the threat has left, they run up to Peroth’Arn and heal him. They then decide that they are going to go through one of the doors before them before going downstairs to the bedrooms and spend the rest of the night there.

Tower of the Black Lily Part 2

After defeating the specters, the group decide to go through one of the doors. Kuzon tries to listen beyond the door before they open it and hears the sound of rustling and faint moans. He then decides to kick to door down. On his first try, his leg recoiled after making contact with the door, and he fell on his ass. On his second try, he succeeds in breaking down the door. Through the now open portal, the adventurers see a room with a long table in the center and another long table off to the side with rotten food. Around the door are three zombies, and behind the long table are two skeletons with longbows. The adventurers find this battle to be easier than the previous one, and after they defeat these enemies, they decide to try the other room on this floor. However, they first find that one of the zombies has a blue gem on it. Fynn determines that the market value of this item will be around 100 gold.

They leave the room and walk up to the other door. Kuzon tries to listen through this door as well, and although it is a bit more muffled, he hears similar sounds as the previous door. He decides to kick this door down too. After smacking it once with his foot and splintering it a little, his second kick breaks it down. They soon find out that this room is filled with tables on which stood vials that are now mostly broken. The adventurers also see before them two skeletons that look a bit decrepit holding short bows standing at the very end of the room and behind one of the tables. They also see two zombies standing on either side of the open door, and standing directly in front of the adventurers are two ghouls. The group soon finds out that this encounter is more difficult than the previous one, and they immediately try to take down the first ghoul before they can do some real damage.

After this difficult battle, they decide to go to the bedroom in the first floor and try to get some rest there. They go to this room and fortify the door with barricades and one of the beds in the room. The other door they fortify with another bed. They then decide on who will take what shift. Kuzon and Zoey decide to take the first one, and their watch goes by peacefully. After that, Violet takes her watch. Everything goes by smoothly for the first hour, but towards the beginning of the second one, she hears banging on the door that leads out to the tower’s main hall. She awakens everyone in the room, and they watch horrified at the door. The banging gets louder until a piece of the door smashes open and a skeletal hand comes through the frame. It quickly retracts as the sound of groaning can be heard in the other room. The adventurers take positions around the barricaded doors and get ready should any of the creatures actually break through. After almost an hour, the banging dies down and the sound of shuffling in the main hall recedes.

After this, it is Ventirix’s turn to keep watch. Violet uses her psionic powers on the rest of the group to calm them down enough so that they can get back to bed. Some time passes, but about half-way through Ventirix’s watch, all of the adventurers begin to feel uneasy. At first they begin feeling courageous, however, this emotion soon turns to dread and then absolute horror. This affects the dreams of everyone asleep, and also Ventirix who is keeping an eye on the door and who is now certain that they will all die tonight. The changeling sorcerer begins to use his skills in Arcana to search the area for the source of these emotions, but all he can gather is that it is coming from the room he is in.

After Ventirix’s watch is over, the rest take their turns to keep an eye on the wall. Everything is quiet until Zoey’s turn. She is the last one to be lookout, but towards the beginning of her watch, she hears banging again. However, this time it is not coming from the door to their room, but instead from the one in the main hall that leads to the village outside of the tower. The noise increases until it is followed by a crash. After that, Zoey hears the sound of something hard like nails tapping on the floor of the main hall. This noise continues until the end of her watch when it decreases then vanishes.

When the adventurers wake up, Peroth’Arn, by using his knowledge in Arcana to link the surge of bad emotions during the night with Violet’s powers during battle, confronts the human girl. He asks her what she did to them last, but the girl claims to know nothing about it. After this, they all decide to go outside of the room and continue their adventure. When they open the door, they see that the wreckage out in the main hall was moved around, and whatever was left was destroyed a bit more. They also notice that one of the double doors leading to the village outside of the tower is torn apart. Peroth’Arn decides to barricade this breach before moving on. Once this is finished, they all go to the third floor of the tower and there they find four doors on different walls. One of these is open.

The group decides to check the room of the open door first and there they find a room with a table in it. Apparently, this room used to be a dinning room for some of the masters of the tower. The table and its contents seem a bit destroyed, and the doors look like they were busted open from the inside. Obviously, something got out of the room. When the adventurers check the table, they steal some of the utensils and notice that one of them felt a bit different from the rest. Upon further investigation, Peroth’Arn and Ventirix are able to find out that this is a Silent Tool Knife. Apparently, one of the wizards hated the sound of utensils sliding on plates so much that he made sure that he would personally not have to deal with it.

Tower of the Black Lily Part 3

After checking the dinning room, the adventurers decide to check the room next to it. They notice that there are two doors. One of them is located inside the dinning room, and the other is located out in the hall. They decide to split up and open both of them. When they do, they reveal what seemed to have been a lounging room. There are tables, chairs and couches, and against one of the walls is a fireplace. They also find in the room a skeleton, a decrepit skeleton, a zombie, and a pale reaver. They take out the first four without much of a problem, however, the pale reaver, after hassling them for a while, disappears and runs away. This frustrates the adventurers because this is the second encounter in which one of their enemies ran away.

After taking on this room, they move on to another. They open another door in the hall to reveal another dinning chamber. However, unlike the first one, this one has four tables and a number of chairs. It is obvious that this was the room in which the acolytes ate at. Also, another feature that is unlike the other dinning room is the fact that this one is filled with undead. Another battle ensues, but this time they are up against four rotting zombies and two skeletal archers who shoot at them from the back of the room. They find this fight to be tricky because there is only one accessible way to these archers. The rest of the room is filled with chairs and tables, making the terrain difficult to bypass. They are able to win through though, but unfortunately not without Violet Shi being knocked down at least once.

The adventurers are now stressed and fed up with all of these undead creatures attacking them. They reluctantly open the last door in the hall. Their swords drawn and ready for a battle or at least a trap, they cautiously step into this room to find a kitchen with stoves and a fridge. They check every square inch before they realize that there is nothing in here. Instead of making the adventurers feel better, it only works to frustrate them more.

Now upset and looking for a fight, the adventurers go up another flight of stairs and enter the fourth floor to the tower. In here they see a vast library. Looking around, they find that this room has different locations that are spewing magic. When they check these locations, they find different items that can benefit them. First, they find two pairs of glasses. They soon realize that the first helps with finding arcanic information surrounding them. The second pair allow whoever wears them the ability to read any language. They immediately give the latter to their poor gnoll companion who otherwise is illiterate. He immediately uses the glasses to read for them the elven journal that they found in the first floor of the dungeon.

They find out that the journal was written by an elf named Immeral who was the son of a rich family in Alexandretta. The journal goes on to reveal that he was accepted to be a student of Drew, the wizard who was the keeper of the tower. The journal goes on to describe the training he had received, the friends he made, and a little bit about the wizard Drew. It seems as though during the conversations Immeral had with the senior wizard, the actual reason Drew is training new wizards is to find an eventual replacement for the tower. It seems as though Immeral was going to become the chosen disciple. The last entry in the book describes Drew’s excitement of going home the following week to see his parents, and after that the journal suddenly ends.

The adventurers also find in the library a number of scrolls and books that hold different rituals.

Once they have finished investigating the library, they decide to go up another level. However, they find their progress interrupted by a door at the top of the stairs. Inspecting it closely, they find that the door has a glowing sigil on it. They immediately realize that this is a trap that is set up to explode should they go through the door. Their rogue companion inspects it a bit further, and with the help of Peroth’Arn, he is able to disable the trap. However, as he is close to the door, he can feel a heat from the other side. The adventurers prepare themselves and unsheathe their weapons before going through.

Tower of the Black Lily Part 4

As Fynn works on the trap to the door that leads to the top of the tower, Ventirix decides to take this moment to say farewell to his companions and inform them that the previous night his god informed him to leave the tower at this time and greet a new adventurer that would be helping the group on its mission. He walks downstairs and moves away all of the barricades to find a dark elf standing just outside. He informs Ventirix that his name is Rellik Faros and that he was hired by Dmitri to ensure that the group of adventurers he had previously sent return to him with the item he requested. Ventirix informs the drow that his former companions are upstairs before he walks out of the tower. Rellik, after putting back the barricades, runs up the stairs to where the rest of the group is concentrating on a door that is obviously trapped.

After disabling the trap, the adventurers burst through the door to find a large room. It looks like this room was once a lab. In the distance are tables that contain different vials. The adventurers don’t notice this at first, but some of those vials contain a black powder in them. They also notice that much of the roof has collapsed in this room, creating difficult terrain filled with what seems as burnt rubble. They also find in this room a skeleton who has an aura of fire surrounding it, and two rotting zombies who are each missing a hand. The hands of these zombies are also crawling on the floor and moving towards the adventurers. A fight ensues, and the group easily take out the blazing skeleton’s minions. However, before they can advance to the main villain, a blast hits them, knocking out Peroth’Arn, and out from apparently nowhere, the specter that had gotten away appears before them.

Some of the adventurers rush towards the blazing skeleton while others concentrate on the specter. Peroth’Arn stands back up and begins unleashing his spells at the new threat. When the rest of the adventurers reach the skeleton, they begin wailing on the guy. Unfortunately, whoever is standing close takes damage from the aura of fire surrounding him, but Rellik is able to hit safely with a leaping strike. However, as Fynn Dodger begins reaching the fray, the skeleton shoots a blast of fire. It misses the halfling, but it hits the table next to him, and more specifically, one of the vials with black powder. It ignites the powder and a blast rocks the room, hitting Fynn and Zoey. The two take damage from this attack, but both are still up and ready to continue the fight.

As the battle progresses, the adventurers are able to whittle down the blazing skeleton until he is no more. When the specter sees the demise of this creature, it realizes that this is the time to make an escape. It goes invisible and begins to leave the fray, but Violet, angry that the apparition would dare make a reappearance, tries to intimidate the specter by challenging it and warning it that she will be the one to carry out its destruction. The threat almost works, but the specter responds by informing her that he will follow the adventurers to the farthest reaches of the world, and beyond if he must, but he will not rest until he finds the Asian girl and ensures that she dies a horrible, torturous death. He also informs the adventurers that the next time he appears, he will be bringing with him his friend, the pale reaver.

After the specter leave, the adventurers gather together and walk through a door that is to the back of the room. Once inside, they find a room with a bed and a desk. They inspect the desk and find that on top of it is a shiny key and two scrolls. Peroth’Arn is able to figure out that the scrolls contain teleportation spells that can only be activated in specific locations. Opening the drawers of the desk, the adventurers also find a blue gem in one and a bag containing 220 gold in another.

With the scrolls in hand, the adventurers go down to the basement of the tower again. When they reach this location, Kuzon reads the inscription on one of the walls that was written in an unkown language. He relates to the rest of the adventurers that what is written on this wall is, “The scroll will burn and the wheels will turn. The portal will open to reveal the king’s token.” Peroth’Arn stands on top of the small raised dais in the corner of the room and reads one of the scrolls as the rest of the group stand around him. As he reads the words on the parchment, he feels arcane energy begin to swirl around the paper, but as he reaches the last words, the energy dissipates and leaves. The tiefling then decides to read the other scroll, and this time the energies don’t fade, but the paper ignites in flames and the entire group sees a flash of white light before they find themselves in a different location.

When the adventurers reappear, they are in another room of the basement that looks like a forest. There are plants and trees everywhere, and they notice on the walls are carved images. Some of the images that they see include a man on a ship speaking to a larger being floating above the sea, a book surround by shadows, a group of people being destroyed by another group who are holding skulls, and a young girl with her eyes completely darkened standing before a large shadowy creature. Before this last image is a platform like the one that teleported them into the room. Next to the platform is a bow and in front of it is a black lily. Kuzon uses his skills in nature to carefully gather the plant, and Zoey picks up the bow before they all gather around the raised dais to read the second scroll. They disappear again, but this time they find that they reappear next to the walls of Alexandretta. This annoys some of them because they had brought a wagon to the tower, and they truly wished to retrieve it. Zoey immediately begins to seriously contemplate going back and retrieving it.

Meeting with Dmitri

The adventurers walk back into the city of Alexandretta and keep their appointment with their employer. They walk pass the doorman and the secretary and into the office of Dmitri. As soon as they walk into the room, the supposed priest of Bahamut immediately asks whether they have retrieved the item that he had requested. Once they have confirmed that they have, he waves a hand and the door behind the adventurers immediately closes and locks. Dmitri smiles, pulls out from a drawer in his desk a jade skull while thanking the party for their effort, and informs them that he will now have to kill them. As soon as he says this, the two statues that stand on either side of his desk come to life, and out of the floor an earth elemental appears. With that, they all attack the party.

A battle ensues in which Dmitri, with his jade skull in hand, hides behind one of his golems and blasts the party with arcane and psychic powers. The first take out the elemental before them, then they proceed with the golems before taking out Dmitri himself. However, because of the commotion of the battle, the secretary outside had called the city guards, and before the party has time to react, they batter down the door.

The group try to talk with the guards, but seeing the body of a man slumped on the floor, the captain, Sam Vines, arrests the party. The group spend the night in a cell trying to make their halfling companion shut up, and in the morning they are greeted by the captain of the guard. He informs them that he found on the body of the dead Dmitri a letter detailing plans on killing the king of Andalusia, a plot that Vines can not allow. He informs the companions that they will help him find out a way to stop this plot, or else he threatens them that he will use all of his power to ensure that they stay imprisoned indefinitely. The party eventually agrees, although they hate the man enough to later come up with plans on ways to get rid of him. Vines, then informs the party that the king is currently sick, and it appears that the man who sent Dmitri the letter is responsible for this. The only thing that can save the king now is the plant that they had already retrieved and a chalice that is located in a swamp to the north east of the city. Vines tells the party to retrieve this item at all costs before finally letting them go.

Day in Alexandretta

After agreeing to recover the chalice that would save the King, Sam Vines gave the adventures one day to prepare themselves for their quest. They all decide to spend this time in different ways:

Rellik decides to spend the day with his younger sister in their home.

Violet Shi decided to return the diaries she found in the tower to their owners’ families.

Fynn Dodger, being Fynn Dodger, decided to spend the day getting smashed at the pub.

Peroth’Arn managed to seduce a local librarian.

Zoey decided that Kuzon needed to get laid, so she got him a hooker.

The Quest For The Chalice

Group leaves Alexandretta, eventually reach the dungeon.

Fight some monsters in some kind of weird parlor/study-type room. Rellik DESTROYS a White.

Rellik finds a Hunter’s Flint in a kitchen.

Kuzon dies. Group stores his body in a magic fridge.

Group is joined by a Dragonborn Paladin of Pelor sent by Vines to make sure they don’t botch their mission.

Group fights a bunch of zombies throughout the dungeon.

The Tiefling sleeps with a zombie.

Ambushed by the Specter and Pale Reaver from the first dungeon. Specter killed, PR got away.

Encounter a banshee queen who was guarding the chalice. The banshee said that she would have been glad to simply give us the chalice, but since the group entered with aggression (Zoey had her bow trained on the banshee), the banshee attacked them. The party defeated her, took the chalice, and then headed back to Alexandretta.

Return to Alexandretta

Group returns to Alexandretta. Sam Vines informs them that there loved ones have been kidnapped. He introduces the party to Janice Storm and informs them that she will aide them in rescuing their friends.

Rellik runs off to go check his home for clues. While he does that, the rest of the group visits a Healer to have Kuzon brought back from the dead. While the city guard had given the group enough gold to pay for the resurrection ritual, Fynn Dodger caused the Healer to charge them double the normal rate. Rellik rejoins the group.

Janice Storm leads them back to her home. They meet her young daughter, who takes a liking to Kuzon because she thinks he’s just a really big doggy. Janice informs the group that she has intelligence that the Jade Skulls are hiding out in a warehouse within the city.

The group reaches the warehouse. Their loved ones are trapped in glass tubes connected to strange machines. They encounter Cole Truman. Janice reveals herself as a traitor. The group fights the Skulls. Truman activates the machines, and strange gas starts to fill the glass tubes. Truman tries to escape through a secret mechanical door, but it seems to malfunction and takes a long time to open. The group eventually free their friends, and manage to kill Truman, who implies that that’s just what he wanted them to do. On Truman’s desk, they find a document linking Mortimer Zamboni to the plot to kill the king. They spare Janice and take her back to Vines to be interrogated. They inform Vines of the document linking Zamboni to the attempt on the king’s life.

The party spends the night with their loved ones, making sure that there are no aftereffects of the mysterious gas.


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