Mei Faros

The Blind Girl


The younger, blind sister of Rellik Faros.


Mei grew up in the slums of Alexandretta with her brother, Rellik Faros Orphans for as long as they could remember, neither knew how they had come to be in Alexendretta, but they did their best to survive.

Mei has been without sight for as far back as either sibling could remember. It is unclear if she has had the condition since birth, or if some mysterious illness robbed her of her vision while she was but a child. They had always been too poor to ba able to afford having any kind of healer examine her. Still, Mei has grown accustomed to her handicap, and with time, has even grown to be able to more than adequatly watch out for herself inspight of it.

Growing up as a blind orphan in the slums of wasn’t easy. In order to survive, Mei developed a fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, stubborn and confrontational personality. She learned early on to appreciate the true value of things, and not to be impressed by lavishness or shows of wealth. A pearl is useless to someone who can’t appreciate it’s lustre.

While Rellik tried his best to keep his “work” a secret from his sister, it was impossible for her to not pick up the whispered mutterings of the townspeople on the street as she walked by. While it somewhat bothered her that the food on her plate was payed for in blood money, she knew that her brother was a good man, and only did what he did in order to support them.

Because food was often lacking in her childhood, Mei is never one to pass up a good meal, and often inhales anything that’s put in front of her, sometimes with “interesting” results. One incident in particular stands out among the rest. One of Rellik’s clients was especially grateful for how well he had performed his latest “job,” and decided to treat the siblings to what could only be described as a small feast in the local tavern. A young serving boy made the mistake of trying to pick up one of the empty plates from the table when Mei, in her hurry to devour everything in front of her, and clearly not being able to see, grabbed the boys arm and took a bite out of his hand. To this day, parents in Alexandretta tell their children stories of the ebony skinned elf that would nibble on their fingertips while they slept if they didn’t properly clean their plates.

During Rellik’s most recent job, he had made enemies of a mysterious cult known only as The Jade Skulls As retaliation for Rellik’s involvment in the botching of their assassination attempt on the King, they kidnapped Mei and several other people connected to Rellik’s allies.

Although the incident was ultimately resolved without any casualties, it proved that Mei would no longer be able to safely stay behind in Alexandretta while her brother was fighting this cult on the King’s behalf. She now travels with her brothers group, The Order of Chaos, while learning to defend herself under the tutelage of her brother’s ally, Violet Shi, who has begun instructing her in the ways of Psionic combat.

Mei Faros

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