Janis Storm

The Traitor


A female changeling assassin that infiltrated the city guard by murdering one of it’s member’s and assuming her identity.


A member of the City Watch, Janis has been a cop for some years now. She was also a devoted wife and mother, but unfortunately tragedy struck her household some time back. Her husband was brutally murdered by what seems to have been a professional. A jade skull was left next to his body. Her daughter, who was only an infant back then, was able to somehow escape even though she was in the house at the time. Vines has noticed a change in Janis, but he attributes it to this tragedy. He merely hopes that her thirst for vengeance does not cloud her duty to justice.

During the battle to rescue their kidnapped friends, Janis revealed herself to be a Changeling Assassin working for the Jade Skulls. The players managed to defeat the Jade Skulls, but rather than kill her like the rest, they decided to return her to Sam Vines.

Later, Vines revealed the truth about Storm to the adventurers. During her interrogation, she revealed that she was under the employ of the Jade Skull, and was hired to infiltrate the city guard of Alexandretta. She killed her “husband” and his wife, the real Janis Storm, and took the woman’s position in the Watch. However, she did not have the heart to kill the child, and so let her live and became a mother to her. She is actually a devoted mother, but unfortunately, her sense of duty to the cult seems to outweigh her emotional ties.

Janis Storm

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