Indiana Horns

The Archaeologist


A minotaur who’s a professor of Archeology at the University of Hekmet. A no-nonsense man with a passion for ancient Nilan history.


Indiana Horns is a respected professor at the University of Hekmet. Through the Pawelen’s information network, the Order learned that agents of the Jade Skulls had approached Prof. Horns in regards to an ancient Nilan artifact known as the Eye of Ramen.

Rellik Faros attempted to approach the Professor to find out about the artifact. While Horns initially believed that Rellik was just another agent of the Skulls trying to gain information on the Eye, the Drow was eventually able to convince him that his group was actually trying to stop the cult from achieving their goals.

Horns led the Order through the harsh Nilan desert, until they eventually reached a great Pyramid.

Indiana Horns

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