The Dream Exiles

Zepplen Journey

The next day, the Order arrives at the Zeppelin sky port. They encounter a male Kalashtar that Zoey recognizes as her old friend. The party manages to sneak him onto their Zeppelin.

On the journey to Hekmet, Zoey encourages a human barbarian to try and pick up Violet. She beats him with her kanabo, and is forced to spend the remainder of their journey in the brig.

When the group arrives in Hekmet, Ventrix leads them to his family’s home. They treat the group to a fine feast, but are less then impressed with their son’s friends. A messenger arrives and informs them that their flagship, the Changeling Spirit, captained by their second son, was set upon by pirates. As thanks for their hosts hospitality, the Order volunteers to go save them. The family is hesitant at first, but Ventrix assures them that this is the kind of thing that these guys do best.


Darkwolf17 Goliath1989

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