The Dream Exiles

Trek Through The Desert

The group is joined by the bald drow that Rellik had encountered earlier, as well as a strange Wilden. Lead by Professor Horns, they travel through the harsh Nilan desert. On the first day of their journey, Violet Shi seems to fall into some sort of coma. The group eventually comes across a walking dead man wandering through the desert and he joins their ranks.

Though the trek is difficult and they begin to run low on water and food, the party eventually reaches the pyramid where Professor Horns believes holds the Eye. Violet awakes from her coma, and her appearance has been radically altered. Her eyes are now pitch black, while black vanes run all over her white flesh, and her fingers have grown into an abnormally long size.

Horns instructs the party to check the pyramids entrance while he inspects an obelisk. When the party approaches the entrance, a statue of a female sphinx springs to life, and informs them that they may only enter if they can answer her riddles. Violet, who seems to have developed a short temper during her coma, causes the group to fail the sphinx’s challenge, and the sphinx attacks. Although she is a difficult foe, the Order finally manages to defeat her. Once she falls, her body explodes, infecting several Order memories with what Professor Horns identifies as Mummyrot. The group takes a week and a half to recover before heading into the pyramid.


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