The Dream Exiles

Tower of the Black Lily Part 2

After defeating the specters, the group decide to go through one of the doors. Kuzon tries to listen beyond the door before they open it and hears the sound of rustling and faint moans. He then decides to kick to door down. On his first try, his leg recoiled after making contact with the door, and he fell on his ass. On his second try, he succeeds in breaking down the door. Through the now open portal, the adventurers see a room with a long table in the center and another long table off to the side with rotten food. Around the door are three zombies, and behind the long table are two skeletons with longbows. The adventurers find this battle to be easier than the previous one, and after they defeat these enemies, they decide to try the other room on this floor. However, they first find that one of the zombies has a blue gem on it. Fynn determines that the market value of this item will be around 100 gold.

They leave the room and walk up to the other door. Kuzon tries to listen through this door as well, and although it is a bit more muffled, he hears similar sounds as the previous door. He decides to kick this door down too. After smacking it once with his foot and splintering it a little, his second kick breaks it down. They soon find out that this room is filled with tables on which stood vials that are now mostly broken. The adventurers also see before them two skeletons that look a bit decrepit holding short bows standing at the very end of the room and behind one of the tables. They also see two zombies standing on either side of the open door, and standing directly in front of the adventurers are two ghouls. The group soon finds out that this encounter is more difficult than the previous one, and they immediately try to take down the first ghoul before they can do some real damage.

After this difficult battle, they decide to go to the bedroom in the first floor and try to get some rest there. They go to this room and fortify the door with barricades and one of the beds in the room. The other door they fortify with another bed. They then decide on who will take what shift. Kuzon and Zoey decide to take the first one, and their watch goes by peacefully. After that, Violet takes her watch. Everything goes by smoothly for the first hour, but towards the beginning of the second one, she hears banging on the door that leads out to the tower’s main hall. She awakens everyone in the room, and they watch horrified at the door. The banging gets louder until a piece of the door smashes open and a skeletal hand comes through the frame. It quickly retracts as the sound of groaning can be heard in the other room. The adventurers take positions around the barricaded doors and get ready should any of the creatures actually break through. After almost an hour, the banging dies down and the sound of shuffling in the main hall recedes.

After this, it is Ventirix’s turn to keep watch. Violet uses her psionic powers on the rest of the group to calm them down enough so that they can get back to bed. Some time passes, but about half-way through Ventirix’s watch, all of the adventurers begin to feel uneasy. At first they begin feeling courageous, however, this emotion soon turns to dread and then absolute horror. This affects the dreams of everyone asleep, and also Ventirix who is keeping an eye on the door and who is now certain that they will all die tonight. The changeling sorcerer begins to use his skills in Arcana to search the area for the source of these emotions, but all he can gather is that it is coming from the room he is in.

After Ventirix’s watch is over, the rest take their turns to keep an eye on the wall. Everything is quiet until Zoey’s turn. She is the last one to be lookout, but towards the beginning of her watch, she hears banging again. However, this time it is not coming from the door to their room, but instead from the one in the main hall that leads to the village outside of the tower. The noise increases until it is followed by a crash. After that, Zoey hears the sound of something hard like nails tapping on the floor of the main hall. This noise continues until the end of her watch when it decreases then vanishes.

When the adventurers wake up, Peroth’Arn, by using his knowledge in Arcana to link the surge of bad emotions during the night with Violet’s powers during battle, confronts the human girl. He asks her what she did to them last, but the girl claims to know nothing about it. After this, they all decide to go outside of the room and continue their adventure. When they open the door, they see that the wreckage out in the main hall was moved around, and whatever was left was destroyed a bit more. They also notice that one of the double doors leading to the village outside of the tower is torn apart. Peroth’Arn decides to barricade this breach before moving on. Once this is finished, they all go to the third floor of the tower and there they find four doors on different walls. One of these is open.

The group decides to check the room of the open door first and there they find a room with a table in it. Apparently, this room used to be a dinning room for some of the masters of the tower. The table and its contents seem a bit destroyed, and the doors look like they were busted open from the inside. Obviously, something got out of the room. When the adventurers check the table, they steal some of the utensils and notice that one of them felt a bit different from the rest. Upon further investigation, Peroth’Arn and Ventirix are able to find out that this is a Silent Tool Knife. Apparently, one of the wizards hated the sound of utensils sliding on plates so much that he made sure that he would personally not have to deal with it.


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