The Dream Exiles

The Quest For The Chalice

Group leaves Alexandretta, eventually reach the dungeon.

Fight some monsters in some kind of weird parlor/study-type room. Rellik DESTROYS a White.

Rellik finds a Hunter’s Flint in a kitchen.

Kuzon dies. Group stores his body in a magic fridge.

Group is joined by a Dragonborn Paladin of Pelor sent by Vines to make sure they don’t botch their mission.

Group fights a bunch of zombies throughout the dungeon.

The Tiefling sleeps with a zombie.

Ambushed by the Specter and Pale Reaver from the first dungeon. Specter killed, PR got away.

Encounter a banshee queen who was guarding the chalice. The banshee said that she would have been glad to simply give us the chalice, but since the group entered with aggression (Zoey had her bow trained on the banshee), the banshee attacked them. The party defeated her, took the chalice, and then headed back to Alexandretta.


Darkwolf17 Goliath1989

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