The Dream Exiles

The Dream Begins

In Oshay’s Pub, an inn in the heart of Alexandretta, five adventurers, strangers to one-another, take a short rest from their individual quests. Kuzon contemplates his journey for greater strength, Peroth’Arn constantly looks behind his back for any imagined danger that may be lurking there, Zoey questions the bartender for any knowledge he may have of the jade skulls, Fynn Dodger enjoys a drink while contemplating his next big score, and Violet Shi sits quietly in a corner. Off to the side, a man dressed in the robes of Bahamat watches the patrons while enjoying a glass of wine.

After getting nothing from the bartender, Zoey sits down. Eventually, she and Violet are called over by the man in the robes of Bahamat. He introduces himself as Dmitri, and he informs them that he may have the answers they are seeking for. He then tells them that he will reveal this information if they help him defeating an evil four days to the east of the city. He tells them that he will also reward them and help them with any troubles that they may have. When this is mentioned, the group is joined by Fynn Dodger and Peroth’Arn.

Dmitri tells them that the evil is located in a tower that lies close to a small village. He informs them that the source of this perversion of nature is a small plant that the wizard of the tower was supposed to protect. This plant is to be brought back to him so that he may dispose of it properly. When this is mentioned, the group is joined by Kuzon who offers his expertise on nature.

After promising to take care of the adventurers’ tabs, he leaves. At this point, the group begin to get to know one-another. Immediately, it is obvious that some of them don’t really like each other. Violet Shi seems to especially hold animosity for her new companions. She quietly vows to separate herself from them as soon as the quest is finished.


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