The Dream Exiles

Return to Hekmet

Eventually the group arrives back in Hekmet. The Pawelens are less than impressed by the Orders actions, but give them a small reward.

The male Kalashtar that they encountered in Alexandretta attempts to have Zoey resurrected, but her spirit won’t return to her body. Out of depression, Kuzon departs the party, taking Zoey’s body and swearing to lay her with her fallen people.

Rellik transfers the Lightning enchantment from the glaive of one of the orcs that they slew on the jungle island to his Khopesh.

Ventrex informs Rellik that the Jade Skulls had been trying to get in contact with a Professor Indiana Horns from the University of Hekmet in regards to an ancient Nilan artifact called the Eye of Ramen.

Rellik attempts (but mostly fails) to disguise himself and meet with Prof. Horns. Before he can make it out of the inn, he’s stopped by a bald drow somewhat older than himself. Though the drow seems to be very intuitive about Rellik’s identity, Rellik is eventually able to shake him off and make his way to the University. He meets with Prof. Horns, and with great difficulty, convinces him that he is not an enemy, and the Professor agrees to lead his party to where he believes the Eye is buried.


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