The Dream Exiles

Return to Alexandretta

Group returns to Alexandretta. Sam Vines informs them that there loved ones have been kidnapped. He introduces the party to Janice Storm and informs them that she will aide them in rescuing their friends.

Rellik runs off to go check his home for clues. While he does that, the rest of the group visits a Healer to have Kuzon brought back from the dead. While the city guard had given the group enough gold to pay for the resurrection ritual, Fynn Dodger caused the Healer to charge them double the normal rate. Rellik rejoins the group.

Janice Storm leads them back to her home. They meet her young daughter, who takes a liking to Kuzon because she thinks he’s just a really big doggy. Janice informs the group that she has intelligence that the Jade Skulls are hiding out in a warehouse within the city.

The group reaches the warehouse. Their loved ones are trapped in glass tubes connected to strange machines. They encounter Cole Truman. Janice reveals herself as a traitor. The group fights the Skulls. Truman activates the machines, and strange gas starts to fill the glass tubes. Truman tries to escape through a secret mechanical door, but it seems to malfunction and takes a long time to open. The group eventually free their friends, and manage to kill Truman, who implies that that’s just what he wanted them to do. On Truman’s desk, they find a document linking Mortimer Zamboni to the plot to kill the king. They spare Janice and take her back to Vines to be interrogated. They inform Vines of the document linking Zamboni to the attempt on the king’s life.

The party spends the night with their loved ones, making sure that there are no aftereffects of the mysterious gas.


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