The Dream Exiles

Meeting with Dmitri

The adventurers walk back into the city of Alexandretta and keep their appointment with their employer. They walk pass the doorman and the secretary and into the office of Dmitri. As soon as they walk into the room, the supposed priest of Bahamut immediately asks whether they have retrieved the item that he had requested. Once they have confirmed that they have, he waves a hand and the door behind the adventurers immediately closes and locks. Dmitri smiles, pulls out from a drawer in his desk a jade skull while thanking the party for their effort, and informs them that he will now have to kill them. As soon as he says this, the two statues that stand on either side of his desk come to life, and out of the floor an earth elemental appears. With that, they all attack the party.

A battle ensues in which Dmitri, with his jade skull in hand, hides behind one of his golems and blasts the party with arcane and psychic powers. The first take out the elemental before them, then they proceed with the golems before taking out Dmitri himself. However, because of the commotion of the battle, the secretary outside had called the city guards, and before the party has time to react, they batter down the door.

The group try to talk with the guards, but seeing the body of a man slumped on the floor, the captain, Sam Vines, arrests the party. The group spend the night in a cell trying to make their halfling companion shut up, and in the morning they are greeted by the captain of the guard. He informs them that he found on the body of the dead Dmitri a letter detailing plans on killing the king of Andalusia, a plot that Vines can not allow. He informs the companions that they will help him find out a way to stop this plot, or else he threatens them that he will use all of his power to ensure that they stay imprisoned indefinitely. The party eventually agrees, although they hate the man enough to later come up with plans on ways to get rid of him. Vines, then informs the party that the king is currently sick, and it appears that the man who sent Dmitri the letter is responsible for this. The only thing that can save the king now is the plant that they had already retrieved and a chalice that is located in a swamp to the north east of the city. Vines tells the party to retrieve this item at all costs before finally letting them go.


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