The Dream Exiles

Audience with the King

The next day, Vines takes the group to the royal castle, and leads them to the King’s chambers. The king is given the antidote. The party and Vines reveal the document implicating Zamboni in the assassination attempt. Zamboni manages to escape capture.

The king contracts the adventurers to seek out the Jade Skulls in Hekmet, and destroy them. After the audience, Relik, feeling that he will no longer be able to keep his current profession thanks to all of the publicity his companions had gained within the city, requests permission from Vines to join the City Guard.

The king holds a ball for the party. He has fine clothing tailored for each of the members.

At the party, the king introduces the party to the people of Alexandretta under the “title” given to them by Vines, The Order of Chaos.

Rellik requests that Violet train Mei in the ways of Psionic combat so that she could defend herself.

The party comes to an abrupt end when a female Eladrin Warlock crashes the ball and informs the king that his favorite niece has been murdered, and the only clue was a Jade Skull found on her body. The king gathers the party and informs them that this latest incident forces them to expedite their plans, and they must leave for Hekmet in the morning.


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