The Dream Exiles

Adventure On The High Seas

The group sets sails on another ship owned by the Pawelens. After several days at sea, they are attacked by a pirate ship, which their captains believes may be the same ship that attacked the Changeling Spirit. Although they are easily able to sink the enemy ship, they take enough damage that they are forced to beach their ship on a nearby deserted jungle island.

When they land, they’re surprised to find another ship marooned a few miles down the beach from themselves. The captain sends Rellik, Violet, and Peroth’Arn to investigate. They find that the ship is what remains of the Changeling Spirit. There is a huge hole on the ship’s side, which they could only assume was a result of canon or spell fire. The group notices what looks to be signs of a struggle, as well as footprints leading into the jungle. They try and follow the foorprints, but end up getting horribly lost. They eventually stumble into an orc camp. They notice a make shift cage in the center of camp that holds what seems to be the surviving crew of the Changeling Spirit.

The party manages to kill most of the orcs, however a shaman manages to escape, hinting that the prisoners had been poisoned. While Rellik and Violet attempt to stabilize the prisoners, Peroth’Arn casts a Pyrotechnics ritual to signal for help from the crew of their ship. Rellik and Violet eventually realize that the orc was bluffing and that the prisoners had not been poisoned at all. Before they can celebrate though, the group is attacked by another group of Orcs. Unlike the first group, this new group is much more deadlier. Even though the party was eventually able to defeat them, the effort almost cost Violet her life.

Eventually, the rest of the party and the crew arrive. They begin repairs on the second ship by taking parts off the Changeling Spirit. While searching for food in the jungle, Zoey encounters a wild boar. Zoey attempts to fell the boar, but it proves to much to her and she is killed by the boar. Eventually they finish the repairs, and set sail back to Hekmet.


Darkwolf17 Goliath1989

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